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Shield Plus 30 Super Carry OR LE

Smith & Wesson
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Caliber: 30 Super Carry
Capacity: 16
Barrel Length: 3.1''
Sights: Night
The new Shield Plus is the next generation in everyday carry. It features an 18-degree grip angle for a more natural point of aim and better recoil management, plus the new ï‚at trigger allows for consistent ïnger placement for accurate, repeatable, comfortable shooting.

The cartridge uses a .312-inch bullet. This narrower diameter allows for two to three additional 30 Super Carry rounds in the magazine. Pistols chambered in 30 Super Carry and built using cartridge-specific frames (as opposed to existing 9mm Luger frames) will maximize capacity while maintaining a narrower and shorter grip than 9mm pistols for easier concealability.

When fired with a 3.5-inch barrel through FBI bare gel protocol, the .312-inch-diameter, 100-grain 30 Super Carry HST expands to .590 inch and penetrates 12 inches, while the 124-grain 9mm Luger HST expands to .650 inch and penetrates 13.1 inches. In the FBIs heavy clothing protocol, the same 30 Super Carry HST expands to .530 inch and penetrates 15.5 inches; the 9mm Luger expands to .571 inch and penetrates 14.5 inches.
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Brand Smith & Wesson