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SLX Suppressor w/ QD

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Caliber: 7.62 NATO
Material: Inconel
Diameter: 1.67''
Overall Length: 7.4''
Attachment Type: Clutch-Lok QD
The SLX series of rifle suppressors feature the new Clutch-LOK QD mounting system which is easy to use, repeatable, and extremely durable. The internal multi-flow path within the SLX suppressors allows gasses to exhaust at a faster rate than traditional baffle-style suppressors. This results in 70-80% less toxic fumes flowing back through the ejection port into the shooter's face. The SLX series is a performance-based suppressor designed for use with supersonic ammunition and ideal for users focused on flash reduction and lower toxic fumes. The new low-tox SLX suppressors deliver a superior shooting experience, unlike any other suppressor.
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MSRP $1,549.99