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  • Very portable inert training devices provide an ideal platform to raise confidence of grenade deployment
  • Superior to traditional OC options, these inert grenades deploy a fog delivery which does not require direct facial applications to incapacitate
  • Can be used for vertical or horizontal deployment resulting in distinct distribution patterns
Train hard, train smart using the 5.0 oz. Inert Training Aerosol Grenade from Sabre. Designed to offer lifelike combat simulation, the training unit replicates the exact size, weight and function of its live counterpart but with an inert, harmless spray formula. With this simulator, trainees can become familiar with the deployment speed and dispersion rate of Aerosol Grenade without risking harm to themselves or others. Once activated, the grenade deploys a liquid spray, similar in consistency to that of the original, allowing operative to clearly identify areas and targets affected by the grenade. Successful missions depend upon proper training, and when it comes to quality equipment no brand is more trusted than Sabre.
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Brand Sabre