1911AI - Aligner Insert

1911AI - Aligner Insert

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Best for:
  • 1911 .45ACP mags (Using the UpLULA)
  • 9mm single-stack mags (Using the UpLULA)
  • Converted .22LR 1911 mags (Using the 22UpLULA)
  • The 1911AI is useful with mags width less than 14.5mm (0.57''). Wider mags will not fit in.
An aligning insert add-on for the UpLULA and 22UpLULA loaders. It assists loading single-stack magazines by eliminating wiggling of the mag inside the loader. It's an insert for your existing loader, not a new loader.

If you are using single-stack magazine whether .45 cal. 1911, 9mm single-stack, or .22LR cal. converted 1911, as examples, we highly recommend that you use our new 1911AI Aligner Insert with your UpLULA or 22UpLULA loaders. With it single-stack magazine will not wiggle inside the wide body of these loaders.

The 1911AI inserts are packed two in a blister. Please connect the 1911AI Aligner Insert to the ring of the loader and thereafter it can be 'clicked' to the bottom of the loader to narrow it when using single-stack magazines. You can easily release it when loading wide-body mags.

Assists loading single-stack mags, like:
  • .45 cal 1911 mags
  • .40 cal 1911-wide mags
  • 9mm cal single-stack mags
  • .22LR cal converted 1911-wide mags
  • Eliminates mag wiggling in the loader
  • Speeds up loading
  • Highly reliable
  • Durable reinforced polymer