We’re not your typical sales reps at Kroll. We’re enthusiasts with diverse backgrounds and a passion for the brands we represent.
Chris Smith
CORE Sales Manager
Chris has been with Team Kroll for several years and brought with him over 20 years of experience in the public safety and law enforcement industry. He was a Field Training Officer specializing in tactical combat training and a Security Supervisor for a trauma hospital and continues to work part-time as a local police officer. Chris earned his Bachelor of Business Administration with a minor in Human Resource Management and an Associate of Applied Science in Law Enforcement. When Chris isn’t here in the office, he enjoys seasonal Michigan hunting opportunities as well as the outdoors with his son, fiancé, and family. We are confident that Chris’s extensive knowledge and experience will prove to be valuable in helping you with your business needs. We consider ourselves fortunate to have Chris with us as we continue to deliver our vast industry product knowledge to you.
Please feel free to contact him at 586-739-9200 ext. 249 or email [email protected]
Michael Dicicco
Regional Account Manager
Michael recently joined the CORE Team as a Regional Account Manager. He spent the last decade working for Coca-Cola where he lead an extremely successful career. Michael has several years of experience in merchandising, account management, and sales, but it is his passion and determination to provide exceptional customer service that sets him apart from the competition. When away from the office he enjoys soaking up the sun, getting out on the golf course, catching a good movie, and most importantly loves spending time with family and friends.
Please feel free to contact him at 586-739-9200 ext. 270 or email [email protected]
Chelcie Cox
Western Regional Sales Manager
Chelcie joined the Kroll Team in 2017 and started in our warehouse operations. From picking, packing, receiving, she then progressed up to Customer Service where she worked for just under 2 years. Within that time frame, she was promoted to our Key Accounts Customer Service Representative, where she continued to excel in the company. Chelcie has the product information that you are looking for, and the white glove customer experience to help grow your business. After work hours she enjoys baking, playing with her two kids, traveling with her husband, spending time with her friends and family. You can count on Chelcie on reaching out to you to continue building the relationship/partnership.
Please feel free to contact her at 586-739-9200 ext. 278 or email [email protected]
Ryan Kretz
Firearms Division Sales Manager
Ryan has been a member of Team Kroll for several years and has brought with him over 8 years of experience in the military and law enforcement industry. Ryan served in the United States Marine Corps as a Military Police Officer and Marine Corps SRT (Special Reaction Team) as well as a Reserve Officer for police departments while in the military. When Ryan isn’t here in the office, he is an avid shooter, sports enthusiast, and builds on his passion for fine whiskey & craft beer. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, 3 children, and being outdoors. We are confident that Ryan’s extensive knowledge, personal experience, witty sense of humor, and incredibly enthusiastic attitude will prove to be valuable in helping you with your business needs. We consider ourselves fortu-nate to have Ryan with us as we continue to deliver our vast industry product knowledge and top-notch services to you!
Please feel free to contact him at 586-739-9200 ext. 224 or email [email protected]
Paul McDonald
Firearms Division Specialist
Paul recently joined the Firearms Division here at Kroll, as our Firearms Territory Manager. With Paul's combined experiences of managing a gun store and range, to working in the gun room at Kroll, he has extensive firearm and product knowledge. Paul has an overwhelming appreciation for the day to day workings of being a dealer, which he uses to connect with his customers and to better understand their individual needs. Paul is also the go-to guy for gun builds, as he has a passion for building rifles for himself, his family and friends and past customers. In his spare time, Paul is an avid hunter, fisherman, and gun enthusiast and enjoys camping and traveling with his wife.
Please feel free to contact him at 586-739-9200 ext. 245 or email: [email protected]
Brian Turo
Regional Account Manager
Brian recently joined the Team as a Regional Account Manager in Account Development. Brian brings with him four decades of experience in the shooting sports industry. He’s a Certified Instructor and has managed Big Box and Specialty Sporting Goods stores as well as developed Indoor Shooting Facilities. His experience adds a unique perspective to his position here at Kroll, it provides his customers the opportunity to work with a seasoned industry professional focusing on helping to drive their sales and business needs. An outdoorsman his entire life, Brian enjoys completive shooting, hunting, fishing, and boating. A proud father of two adult children who both share his enthusiasm for the Shooting Sports. We are confident with Brian’s background and passion for what he does, that our customers will have a great partner working with them to provide outstanding knowledge and customer service.
Please feel free to contact him at 586-739-9200 ext.247 or email: [email protected]
Gregory Wainwright
Government Division Manager
Gregory runs and manages Kroll’s government sales division. His role is to work directly with Kroll’s customers who sell to government entities. He understands how military & government agencies procure and receive goods and uses this knowledge to help Kroll accounts prosper. His division’s goals are to give specialized support to Kroll’s customers so they can grow their business and expand into new markets. Gregory’s goals with Kroll are ambitious. He won’t rest until Kroll is selling satellites, tanks, and missiles. He is an Alumni of Eastern Michigan University’s College of Business. In his free time he enjoys reading, shooting, cooking, and outdoor activities.
Please feel free to contact him at 586-739-9200 ext. 226 or email [email protected]
Claire Cerezo
Key Account Manager
Claire is a recent addition to the Kroll Team as a Key Account Manager, where her primary focus is to develop and obtain customers in adjacent markets. She has over 6 years of experience in the Law Enforcement and Industrial markets working with large distributors. She brings with her industry knowledge, a fast-paced work ethic and a passion for growing your business to better service your customers.
Please feel free to contact her at 739-9200 ext. 277 or email: [email protected]