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Pk 2 9-Piece Set

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  • Carbon steel
  • Kitchen cutlery
  • Multi-colors
Can't get enough of Pure Komachi2's fun-loving color? Then this colorful block set is for you. From specialty knives to must-haves, this set has the tools that will help make your time in the kitchen a pleasure. The set comes in its own clear, acrylic block so you can easily choose the knife you need for the job. Set includes: 3 ½-in. Paring knife 4-in. Tomato knife 4-in. Citrus knife 5 ¾-in. Bagel/Sandwich knife 6-in. Multi-Utility knife 8-in. Chef's knife 6 ½-in. Chef's knife 8-in. Bread knife Clear, acrylic block
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MSRP $147.00
Brand Kershaw