Gunny Sack II Fanny Pack With Zippers Holster



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Gunny Sack II Fanny Pack With Zippers Holster

This product is currently out of stock, but available for backorder.
  • Elastic retention strap secures firearms in place
  • Zipper and rip cord provide rapid access to firearms
  • External zippered pouch for storage of accessories
Our family of Gunny Sack holsters are probably the most copied and imitated holsters in the history of holster making. Insisting on a DeSantis Gunny Sack is your best assurance of purchasing the genuine article. DeSantis Gunny Sacks are extremely popular with the men and women who must carry a gun for a living. They're rugged, convenient, comfortable, and dependable. Zipper along with the rip cord gives you full access the handgun. The holster insert with elastic retaining strap allows for safe and quick access. Available in black. 12 belt extender (C16) available separately. Fits up to a 50 waist.
Gun Fit- Springfield Operator 45