Ankle Holster Support Strap



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Ankle Holster Support Strap

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  • Fits: Desantis Die Hard, Leather Ankle rig and Apache holsters
  • Elastic strap offers a comfortable and secure fit
  • Provides additional support for heavier pistols
Keep backup weapons secured with the DeSantis C14 Ankle Holster Support Strap from DeSantis. Ankle holsters are an excellent way to discreetly carry a backup pistol, but walking, running and other physical demands that come with active lifestyles can make them hard to secure. The C14 provides the additional support needed to keep holsters fixed firmly into place no matter what obstacles get in the wearer's way. The strap is attached to a D-ring on the holster and secured to the calf with a durable elastic band. The support strap is designed to work with DeSantis' Die Hard, Leather Ankle Rig and Apache style holsters.