Apache Ankle Rig Holster



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Apache Ankle Rig Holster

  • Fits: Small-Large fram semi-autos, small frame revolvers
  • Velcro thumb break or thumb strap for improved retention
  • Rides at ankle for ultimate concealability
The Model 62 Apache holster from DeSantis is a high-quality ankle holster designed to fit small, medium and large frame semi-automatic pistols and small-frame revolvers. The holster effectively conceals firearms within the pant leg. The wide, elasticized leg band distributes the load effectively and eliminates any rocking motion, making it comfortable to wear in varied carry positions. All semi-automatic models include an adjustable Velcro thumb break for improved retention, while the revolver and .32 caliber holsters come with an adjusting Velcro thumb strap. The sheepskin lining ensures the holster is comfortable against the skin, perfect for long-term wear.
Gun Fit- Beretta PX4 Storm Sub-Compact None
Gun Fit- Springfield XD 40 None
Gun Fit- H&K P30SK None
Gun Fit- H&K USP 40C None
Gun Fit- H&K P2000 None
Gun Fit- H&K USP 9C None